Billy Dee is coming to General Hospital.  That in and of it itself is so damn good. GH was my main soap, but lately is been pretty damn flat. Not even Spinelli and Maxie have gotten me to watch lately.  I want more Jason/Sam love.  I didn't understand why Lucky had to be all in Rebecca's grill. I know she's not Emily (yet), but still it was creepy.  I thought they were trying to put Lucky back with Elizabeth.  I wish they'd do that. 

I am stoked that they brought Helena in. She probably won't be around for a while and her storyline will most likely be craptastic, but it's nice to see. And WTF are they doing to Ric? He could be so much more than what they give him to work with. I mean he's won fucking Emmy.  Use your talent GH! They put him on recurring status. That so pisses me off.  Let him try to change, that would be endearing anf interesting.  They also put Megan Ward on recurring status and that's fine with me. Kate Howard is a bitchy ice queen and I've never liked. Her point of being there is null and void with Olivia there now.  Go away.

OLTL plans to get rid of the Montez family in a couple of weeks. That God! Lola is killing me.  She's a fucking psycho and not remotely interesting. I love A Martinez though.  I like the Matt/Destiny story. That keeps me watching. That and Jess/Brody.

AMC killed off Greenlee and brought in Jamie Luner; that almost makes me wanna watch.  I've seen Ms. Luner in other shows and she's a joy to watch. Ryan and Kendall though make me want to run for the hills. I don't get why either of them are so damn popular, espcially Ryan.  He's so dull.

No new Criminal Minds or NCIS.  CBS, you make me cry.  I'll have to go get more Law and Order UK to tide me over.  Freema Agyeman and Jamie Bamber are great distractions.

I am so behind on CSI:Miami.  I wanna watch the Tudors.  I need to buy Bones Season 3.
samuraikisses: (golden girls- profiles)
( Apr. 11th, 2009 11:07 am)
I'm watching One Life to Live, yesterday's episode to be exact and I'm at the part where John, Marty and Todd are discussing what to do in order to save Starr and Cole from Rosen. When Todd exclaims that he has to do something because his daughter's stuck in the buiilding with a convicted rapist, the look Marty gives him is priceless. The ironyis thick in that scene.

I'm glad Markko told Langston about her cousin; he might get flack for having not told her sooner, but at least he didn't do that Soap Opera thing of "I'm keeping it from her in order to protect her." That's crap. It is the biggest bunch of crap and they use it too much on Soaps.

I want Gigi to tell Jessica so bad! Jessica and Brody were moving along so well until this. I don't want the train wreck that is Stacy to derail Jess and Brody. They deserve each other.


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