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( Mar. 15th, 2009 07:51 pm)
I just finished a marathon of work this week. All seven to eight hour shifts, mostly with one short one at the end. Which I was happy about, because if I'd had to do another long one I would have screamed. In retail you usually get some crazies and some dumb ones, but today we got a lot. Like, more than a day's share. If people would just use the reading skills they got when they were in elementary school, it'd be great. Honestly, you've got eyes and a brain, I have faith that you can figure it out. I hate the lazy ones refuse to do ANYTHING for themselves. I don't mind helping folks who at least gave it the college try, so to speak. But, the ones who don't EVEN try-- that shit just pisses me off. Our aisles are labeled and numbered, for crying out loud! Grrrr!

Read some JLA this week. I really want the Roy/Kendra relationship to just die. I like how in #25 Kendra basically blames their relationship problems all on Roy, when really, in my opinion it's all her. She won't open up, she's short tempered and goes off on the boy for no reason. You can't have a relationship with a brick wall. And honestly, we're not emotionally invested. We didn't get to see them connect, overcome obsticles, and actually get to know one another. They just flirted and hopped into bed. I have a hard time rooting for any couple where that is their basis for being together. And her refusal to accept her fate, even though its obvious she has feeling for Carter, comes off childish to me. She had wet dreams about the man for crying out loud. She needs to quit denying it.


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