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( Apr. 17th, 2009 04:19 pm)
Word is General Hospital record low ratings last week.  I'm not surprisd. I've been skipping it lately. There's just not alot going on.  Not alot of romance and I could care less about the fix Claudia has found herself in.  And the shear annoyance at what they're doing with Ric just pisses me off and doesn't incline me to watch.  Robin's been getting on my nerves.  Though, the Helena thing has me intrigued.  I'm torn.  I also don't want to see Carly have to go through with losing another child. No thanks.

I'm half way through the first season of the Tudors. The show is easily addictive for me.  I am miffed that they butchered history when it comes to Mary and Margaret Tudor. They squashed the sisters together and tried to cover them both with one story, when in reality they just did Mary's half and not even correctly.  They have Margaret/Mary marry the king of Portugal, which never happened. She married the king of France, who died of natural causes not long after, not from Mary killing him like in the show. Then she did marry the Duke of Suffolk. But, he was older than her.  Of course, EVERYONE is young and hot on the Tudors.  

I wish they had done something with Margaret's true story. It was highly interesting. She got divorced; I mean she campaigned for one practically, which is unique given the time period. It caused quite a scandal I understand.  And I swear I read something some where about her starting a coup.  Now, there's an interesting lady and we'll never get to see on the show.  And the lamest part is that the reason for TPTB not including it on the show is that they thought it would be confusing to the crew to have two Mary Tudors on the call sheet: Mary, Henry's sister and Mary, Henry's daughter. Considering on the show one's a little girl and the other's a grown ass woman, I don't see how. Why couldn't one be Elder Mary or Little Mary Tudor. I just don't get that.

And TGFIF!!!

Billy Dee is coming to General Hospital.  That in and of it itself is so damn good. GH was my main soap, but lately is been pretty damn flat. Not even Spinelli and Maxie have gotten me to watch lately.  I want more Jason/Sam love.  I didn't understand why Lucky had to be all in Rebecca's grill. I know she's not Emily (yet), but still it was creepy.  I thought they were trying to put Lucky back with Elizabeth.  I wish they'd do that. 

I am stoked that they brought Helena in. She probably won't be around for a while and her storyline will most likely be craptastic, but it's nice to see. And WTF are they doing to Ric? He could be so much more than what they give him to work with. I mean he's won fucking Emmy.  Use your talent GH! They put him on recurring status. That so pisses me off.  Let him try to change, that would be endearing anf interesting.  They also put Megan Ward on recurring status and that's fine with me. Kate Howard is a bitchy ice queen and I've never liked. Her point of being there is null and void with Olivia there now.  Go away.

OLTL plans to get rid of the Montez family in a couple of weeks. That God! Lola is killing me.  She's a fucking psycho and not remotely interesting. I love A Martinez though.  I like the Matt/Destiny story. That keeps me watching. That and Jess/Brody.

AMC killed off Greenlee and brought in Jamie Luner; that almost makes me wanna watch.  I've seen Ms. Luner in other shows and she's a joy to watch. Ryan and Kendall though make me want to run for the hills. I don't get why either of them are so damn popular, espcially Ryan.  He's so dull.

No new Criminal Minds or NCIS.  CBS, you make me cry.  I'll have to go get more Law and Order UK to tide me over.  Freema Agyeman and Jamie Bamber are great distractions.

I am so behind on CSI:Miami.  I wanna watch the Tudors.  I need to buy Bones Season 3.
Why is Kate acting like such a bitch? Honestly, bug crawled up her butt and is driving this whole Maxie/Johnny thing? Does she have a vendetta against Lulu? Lulu may not be a natural like Maxie, but dammit she's learning and trying and getting better by the day. Cut the girl some fucking slack. Without her and her boyfriend you'd be up shit creek by now. Is she trying to sabotage their relationship? Why, because of Claudia. Because if so that makes no sense. Whatsoever.

I almost feel as if Kate's reason to be on the show is no longer here. Like she has no reason to stick around. She was pulled into Port Charles because of Sonny and Trevor. Trevor had screwed her over and Sonny was the long lost first love. She thought she could save him from the darkness (like that shit hasn't been tried by better and hotter women) Well, that backfired. They broke up and as it turns out he wasn't just fooling around with her back in the day. I like Olivia. A lot. She understand Sonny without being crazy about the guy and in a woman that shit's rare. She wasn't Sonny's first and no one can pull him away from the mob. Trevor's dead. Crimson is a viable success and honestly it would make more sense to operate from NYC, a fashion and who's who mecca. I don't see why she's still around.

Onto DC Comics...

Cass isn't going to be Batgirl anymore? Really? Why does Didio hate her so much. I liked Cass; she was part of the reason I got back into comics. Not everyone wants to masturbate to Silver Age characters and stories. Hal Jordan and Barry Allen are not the end all and be all of heroes in comics. Give it up DiDio. Hal Jordan is not that cool. Half the times he comes off as a womanizing Gary Stu, but that's just me.

Hal coming back at least gave me the new Green Lantern team book and Guy Gardner on a regular basis. And I love Guy Gardner. I probably shouldn't, but I do.
What is it going to have to take to get you to air new episodes of Criminal Minds and NCIS? Do I have to bake you cookies? Make you hot chocolate? I have to wait until next week you say? You're mean...

In other news, I heard that the powers that be over on General Hospital killed off Leyla. I'm guessing this was done to fulfill the commercial's promise that someone would die, but really? This death was so missable, it was a big who cares. At the same time I'm angered because I feel as if we barely got to know Leyla, like she just stepped onto the canvas. They used her to make Robin jealous, to hang out with Spinelli and then that was it. How lame. She had more potential then Nadine. As a longtime fan of comics, I get why they killed her though. Killing off characters and/or raping them is the new thing, its in, because they'd rather of shock value than a damn good story. But, if you're going to send a character to the chopping block, then you'd better make sure it a good choice. Because character deaths have more meaning if its a character the audience has invested in, that has had development and/or storylines that the audience has connected with. Remember when they killed off Superman and everyone shat in their pants? How about Captain America? Or more recently Batman (of which I am still mourning)

When Emily died it was tragic and it broke an era; no more four musketeers. When her father died it was heart breaking; I still miss Alan . No one will give as much care over Leyla. Poor choice. Though as a fan I'm glad it wasn't someone I cared more about. Send Spinelli, Carly or Sam to the chopping block and watch my head spin around and pea soup fly out, why don't you. Leyla lacked the screen time and the storylines to make her death anything more than a damn-that-sucks moment. Yes, you're supposed to chase your characters up trees and throw rocks at them, as it were, but make the chasing the and the rocks count, GH. Don't make me drop you, like I did AMC. *glares*

Oh, and DAYS, what's with firing Patch and Kayla? Are you going to start pawning furniture too, to the pay the bills? Just warn me first...


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