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Name:You can call me Sami
Birthdate:Jun 6
Location:Ohio, United States of America
I'm 23 years old. I'm nerd, geek, bookworm. In real life I work in retail and write. I'm an anglophile. I love scifi, fantasy, procedural dramas,comic books and soap operas. I love Bones, Doctor Mid-Nite is my secret boyfriend and I have the biggest girl!crush on Kara Thrace. Book wise I tend to read Space Opera, Historical Fiction, Urban Fantasy/Fantasy, and Paranormal Romance. I've just started poking into Chick Lit. I am a Christian, but a liberal one, and you won't see any eggs being thrown or judgement here. I'm all about the tolerance, accepting people as they are, loving one another, high fives and inclusion. All are welcome here. Pinky promise.

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abby sciuto, abel nightroad, alfred pennyworth, allison mack, anime, apollo/starbuck, batman, ben sisko, benjamin sisko, big band, black canary, bon jovi, bones, bruce wayne, buddy guy, buffy, calliegh duquesne, charlie, chick lit, chloe sullivan, chloe/bruce, christ, christian bale, christianity, classic buffy, comics, crime dramas, criminal minds, crocheting, csi, csi:miami, dc comics, deep space nine, derek morgan, dinah lance, doctor mid-nite, drawing, ebooks, edward elric, faith, fantasy, five by five, flint, flint/lady jaye, fma, frank sinatra, fullmetal alchemist, g.i. joe, gary oldman, general hospital, gibbs, gibbs/abby, golden girls, goren/eames, hairspray, historical fiction, honor, honor harrington, huntress/question, jadzia dax, james howlett, jesus, jk rowling, jsa, kara thrace, karen starr, katsumoto, ken watanabe, kira nerys, kira/odo, koko taylor, kristen bell, lady jaye, leroy jethro gibbs, leverage, lian harper, link larkin, logan, loveless, maes hughes, mercy thompson, michael fassbender, miles vorkosigan, ncis, nick stokes, nikki blonsky, nintendo, odo, one life to live, paranormal romance, patricia briggs, penelope garcia, peter petrelli, pieter cross, power girl, powergirl, reading, romance, romance books, roy harper, scarlett, sirius black, soubi, space opera, spencer reid, spike, spike/willow, spillow, srv, star trek, stelios, stevie ray vaughan, the all-american rejects, the bible, the cross, the defiant, the four tops, the last samurai, the rat pack, tim drake, tony bennett, tony stark, tony/pepper, tracy turnblad, tracy/link, transformers, urban fantasy, vic sage, wildcat, william the bloody, willow rosenberg, willow/spike, wolverine, worf, writing, x-japan, x-men, zac efron, zachary quinto
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