Why is Kate acting like such a bitch? Honestly, bug crawled up her butt and is driving this whole Maxie/Johnny thing? Does she have a vendetta against Lulu? Lulu may not be a natural like Maxie, but dammit she's learning and trying and getting better by the day. Cut the girl some fucking slack. Without her and her boyfriend you'd be up shit creek by now. Is she trying to sabotage their relationship? Why, because of Claudia. Because if so that makes no sense. Whatsoever.

I almost feel as if Kate's reason to be on the show is no longer here. Like she has no reason to stick around. She was pulled into Port Charles because of Sonny and Trevor. Trevor had screwed her over and Sonny was the long lost first love. She thought she could save him from the darkness (like that shit hasn't been tried by better and hotter women) Well, that backfired. They broke up and as it turns out he wasn't just fooling around with her back in the day. I like Olivia. A lot. She understand Sonny without being crazy about the guy and in a woman that shit's rare. She wasn't Sonny's first and no one can pull him away from the mob. Trevor's dead. Crimson is a viable success and honestly it would make more sense to operate from NYC, a fashion and who's who mecca. I don't see why she's still around.

Onto DC Comics...

Cass isn't going to be Batgirl anymore? Really? Why does Didio hate her so much. I liked Cass; she was part of the reason I got back into comics. Not everyone wants to masturbate to Silver Age characters and stories. Hal Jordan and Barry Allen are not the end all and be all of heroes in comics. Give it up DiDio. Hal Jordan is not that cool. Half the times he comes off as a womanizing Gary Stu, but that's just me.

Hal coming back at least gave me the new Green Lantern team book and Guy Gardner on a regular basis. And I love Guy Gardner. I probably shouldn't, but I do.


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