I finished the first season of the Tudors and have begun the second. At first, I was so proud of Catherine of Aragon and her fight to hold onto her crown and her husband. Because in the show, it is a fight for both. They make it plain that she still loves Henry. Despite how much he flaunts Anne before the court, dressing her in royal colors, bestowing more andmore honors on the Boleyn family, Catherine still prays for him, makes his shirts and inquires about his health. When Henry sends Catherine away to be with Mary when she falls in, and commands for her to stay there, she waxes sadly about how Henry didn't even say goodbye.

Now watching Catherine fight, its a bit depressing. Because it doesn't matter really if the cardinals side with her that her marriage is true and that there's no ground for an annullment. It doesn't matter if the Pope sides with her or every college draws up essays in her behalf. Because Henry will still have found another way to ge rid of her. No matter how many battles Catherine won, Henry's love and affection for her were gone, and it wasn't coming back. It seems though that Catherine, in the show at least, expected that it would. I don't understand why.

If only her sons had lived.

On the RL tip, I'm able to eat more, but there's still some soreness and a little swelling left. I also get tired at the drop of a hat. But, tomorrow's pay day!
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