Word is General Hospital record low ratings last week.  I'm not surprisd. I've been skipping it lately. There's just not alot going on.  Not alot of romance and I could care less about the fix Claudia has found herself in.  And the shear annoyance at what they're doing with Ric just pisses me off and doesn't incline me to watch.  Robin's been getting on my nerves.  Though, the Helena thing has me intrigued.  I'm torn.  I also don't want to see Carly have to go through with losing another child. No thanks.

I'm half way through the first season of the Tudors. The show is easily addictive for me.  I am miffed that they butchered history when it comes to Mary and Margaret Tudor. They squashed the sisters together and tried to cover them both with one story, when in reality they just did Mary's half and not even correctly.  They have Margaret/Mary marry the king of Portugal, which never happened. She married the king of France, who died of natural causes not long after, not from Mary killing him like in the show. Then she did marry the Duke of Suffolk. But, he was older than her.  Of course, EVERYONE is young and hot on the Tudors.  

I wish they had done something with Margaret's true story. It was highly interesting. She got divorced; I mean she campaigned for one practically, which is unique given the time period. It caused quite a scandal I understand.  And I swear I read something some where about her starting a coup.  Now, there's an interesting lady and we'll never get to see on the show.  And the lamest part is that the reason for TPTB not including it on the show is that they thought it would be confusing to the crew to have two Mary Tudors on the call sheet: Mary, Henry's sister and Mary, Henry's daughter. Considering on the show one's a little girl and the other's a grown ass woman, I don't see how. Why couldn't one be Elder Mary or Little Mary Tudor. I just don't get that.

And TGFIF!!!


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