Yesterday, work was pretty decent, with lots putting stock out and very small amounts of stupid people. That's a combination I like.

NCIS- usually I can totally see where you're going, but right about now I have no clue. I'm not complaining; it's acutally nice to see something and not be able to call the ending. I just can't wait for you to show your hand. And Gibbs helping Abby build a coffin: made of win!

Mom and I rented W. It was interesting. It painted George W. like he was a hurt son trying to impress and yet outdo his father. In the movie he had this tendecy to remind his staff that HE was the president, especially when it sounded as if they were trying to take credit for something (like all the work they did). It made him seem childish, at least to me. There were some moments when I really wanted to throtle Barbara Bush too. All in all it seemed realistic to me and I think Josh Brolin did a good job.


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