The idea of doing a journal of a superhero wife has stayed with days after I first thought of it. Maybe that's a sign. I like the idea of doing journals for characters. I started a couple, but I know eventually the true winners will be the ones that keep me coming back to the them.

I wonder why the idea of journaling in someone else's shoes is so appealing. I guess for me its one of the best ways to really step into the mind of a character. I wonder if that makes me an identity whore? Do I love wearing masks that much?

I've always loved superheroes and the people surrounding them. I've always wanted to know how it feel if someone I loved was neck high in that world. We get some of that in comics. Alfred. Ma Hunkel. I suppose Lois counts but she annoys the FUCK straight out of me.Is it wrong to want to put your own spin on stuff. My instinctive answer if no, or they'd be no stories or characters at all.

I probably shouldn't be adding anything to my plate. My Main Project right now is gonna stay in the front burner and I suppose this new one will be done when I have the time. I have to stick to my priority rules or NOTHING will get done.

That reminds me I should churn out at least 2 pages today. *sigh*

P.S.: I really want to jump on the Dreamwidth bandwagon. I have so been looking for an LJ alternative lately.
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